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It was built for Czech minority from Dolní Třešňovec. Renaissance town-hall - there resides town-office, there are turrect clock, what chimes only all hours and one sun watchs. He built it in Rudoltice, becouse he lived by this time in Lanškroun pseudo-castle, but he didn't like it, becouse it was too small for him.

Gymnasium - élit institute, it was one pujcky lanškroun only one middle school in Lanškroun district. The legends about Lanškroun Edit When Swedes want to burn down also Lanškroun during the Thirty Years' War, they met a grannie and she told them they could not go to the city, becouse there is Black Death ; so the Swedes didn't go to Lanškroun and it was saved.

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There is a ceremonial hall, town-museum, exhibition hall and mainly someting else - together it is nothing. Pujcky lanškroun writer Jirásek comes to Lanškroun like the Pilate to credo. Krčma is very old wooden pub. Erxleben's chemistry for example. It was old ruined house behind the gymnasium, and some businessman came to town office and bought the house.

It is the smallest one.

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It is originaly new-renaissance building. The small tower is now repaired, there is something See to the article Rudoltice - there is it written. Few people know about that. It is built in empire style. Saint Wenceslas Church was originally one part of the monastery, what Hussites burned down, there was a churchyard around that.

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It still stands and you can still drink there. They plan secretly anschluss annexation to Liechtenstein.

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There is much legends, what can be about every city or village, and that legends are also about Lanškroun. Lord Liechtenstein wanted to build there a castle, what will be analogous like Lednice Castlewhat built and owned his poorer relatives. There are also some wrecked historical sights.

There isn't thank God any synagogue [9] or mosque in Lanškroun. Saint Anne Church stands near around exchurchyard. There goes flamy headless rider around the zámeček see lower, what is zámeček at nights; but I never saw him, although once I slept there. After the Bitva na Bílé hoře [3] the city and neighbourhood fell to Liechtensteins [4] ; who would like own a city and neighbourhood by now, but they can't, so they don't like Czech Republic.

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He told to them he will to tear down the house and he will to build the same house again; so he teared down the house, but he built there an other ugly house with grass on the roof called SPEKTRUM. Peter Wurst Sausagenative from one schon now quater of Lanškroun, built there a monastery, what was after rebuilt to one pseudo-castle. Then was castle teared down, but one small tower left, Rudoltice church was build from the stone of that.

Becouse the city is in Sudetenlandthe country in Czechoslovakiapůjčky studentské lived Germen until yearthe German citizen didn't want to be in Czechoslovakia in yearwhen Czechoslovakia originated, pujcky lanškroun in year there was a local elections, if citizen want or dont't want to be a part of the Third Reichthe Nazi Germany4 people wrote NEIN, but wrote JA, so the Lanškroun was a part of the Third Reich in years - Saint Mary Magdalene Church stands around exchurchyard.

Castle - Lanškroun pseudocastle originated after the Augustinian's monastery reconstruction.

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There aren't more or much? Orthodoxs and Protestants and Hussites have also some oratory in Lanškroun. Lanškroun was founded to 13th century take note it is a prime number. Churchs - there are three churchs in LA.

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It stands near pseudo-castle and Harvard. It is a rarity, becouse churches wasn't built in empire, so they wanted close down the church and built there a librery and mayor - Protestant - for a wonder liked that. There are some concerts, but by the way it operates also like decanal church. During the Thirty Years' War - was the city very plundered and German colonists came there and the city started to be German [5] and stayed tak until then Germen resettlemented themself It stands on the Alois Jirásek Square the square doesn't call School Square, although there are three schools - a basic school, a special school called nicknamed Harvard and basic-art-school called ZUŠbut Alois Jirásek Square, becouse there passed the night at some Alois Jirásek Regiment.

There passed Old Walker [8] mainly for two nights at, when maneuvers was near Prussian borders. Five wooden buildings was demolished before the pujcky lanškroun was built. Until the year Lanškroun was a district city, but they didn't want build there a railway, so the current district city is Ústí nad Orlicí, although there live more poeple in Česká Třebová and Česká Třebová is very very important crossing station in Czech Republic, you can go to RussiaGermanyViennaSlovakiaKrakowPrague or Brno from Česká Třebová.

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It is in the same square like town-hall. Unfortunatelly, the zámeček burned down soon after finish. Edit Lanškroun has pujcky lanškroun lanškroun ever glorious history. Here are a few theories, why it burned down. It was founded by Germen, but nobody knows about that, becouse the Lanškroun-city-museum captured all of documents about that, only a few legends prepared see lower The legends about Lanškroun.